Review: Grease is The Word at Curve Leicester

Review: Grease is The Word at Curve Leicester

‘It’s systematic. It’s hyyyyydromatic. Why, its greased lightning’

Grease is definitely the word on everyone’s lips around Leicester this Christmas and after watching the performance of Curve’s smash hit musical I can see why there has been such a buzz, writes Ben Walker.

Now, like most of us, my knowledge of Grease I would say is pretty good and isn’t just based on seeing the film more times I can count! I’ve also been lucky enough to see the show in the West End before and was also part of the cast in a school production.

So it’s fair to say that walking into the auditorium to see this new Made at Curve production I thought I knew what I knew what to expect. I didn’t.  Nikolai foster’s interpretation of the classic musical combines the well-loved musical numbers with songs from the original production and has modernised the production lending it a gritty edge whilst still retaining the feel good feel that we all associate with Grease.


From the stage, costume, characterisation and non-faltering accents the production is far from a frothy trivial love story about high school teenagers. Instead it tackles a time of adolescence and the cultural shift between the prim and proper 1950s and the Rock and Roll era that was to come in the 60s with fantastic choreography and musical numbers thrown in for good measure.


Choreographed by Nick Winston, there are twists, flips and splits galore which are perfectly executed by the whole cast hitting every mark. The musical numbers, in particular Greased Lightning was more thrilling and perfectly executed both visually and musically then when I had seen it performed on the West End.


If I was to go into every stand out performances then this review would be far too long as the full cast and company were utterly fantastic but special mention do have to go to Dex Lee as Danny and Jessica Paul as Sandy – their chemistry was electrifying- and Djalenga Scott’s Rizzo gave us goosebumps with her flawless performance of There are Worst Things I Could do.


This Made at Curve production features all of your favourite floor tapping numbers with one or two surprises thrown in for good measure. If you’re looking for a visual treat, incredible choreography, some stand out singing and the daddy of the all teenage love stories then Curve’s production of Grease is hydromatically The One That YOU Want this Christmas.


Grease runs until 21st January. For tickets and further information visit or call 0116 242 3595.

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