A-Z of Animals Exhibition at Ferrers Gallery

A-Z of Animals Exhibition at Ferrers Gallery

Sought after with collectors around the world,  ceramics artist Blandine Anderson  – returns to Ferrers Gallery to showcase a collection of ceramics that have been created exclusively for the gallery at Staunton Harold, Ashby de la Zouch.  

Blandine exhibits her work at Ferrers Gallery every two years, and each exhibition has a new theme. This exhibition is an animal A-Z and Blandine has taken two years to fully research the subject matter with some fabulous outcomes.

 “Finding a suitable animal to cover every letter of the alphabet has been quite a challenge! I have enlisted the help of friends in order to find some of them.” Explains Blandine.

 “Every letter of the alphabet has been made at least once, some letters have several different versions. For the more difficult letters U, X and Z – I have had to resort to Latin names and folklore. Sometimes I have used local common names to extend the range of possibilities. Not every animal that springs to mind has necessarily provided me with suitable inspiration – so some obvious candidates have been left out.”

Blandine’s work is characterized by her carefully researched and meticulously detailed depictions of animals. The work is created in porcelain or stoneware depending on the size of the piece; with some being around 8cm tall while others like the whales being around 80cm. Blandine uses a selection of glazes to get her signature muted hues.

Alongside the ceramics work there will also be a collection of paintings by Blandine, on the same theme.

 The exhibition is open 11-5pm until the  23rd October 2016. Entry is free. Ferrers Gallery, Staunton Harold, near Ashby de la Zouch.