Top seasonal Hair Trends from KH Hair

Top seasonal Hair Trends from KH Hair

Taking the plunge when it comes to changing your hair can be a minefield – ‘will I like it?’, ‘will it suit me?’, ‘will it cause any long-term hair damage?’. We had a chat with the experts at KH Hair about the top trends this season that will be guaranteed to turn heads, as well as getting a few tips on how to keep hair lovely and healthy through the colder months.


Fringes are in, and not just any fringe but one that is clearly defined with a bold line and perhaps shaped into a curve to frame the forehead. Getting a fringe is an instant style statement, especially the heavier, blunt fringes that are in Vogue at the moment. It’s important it matches your hair length and style as well as face shape though so KH Hair’s experts will happily advise you on the best style to suit you as well as how best to manage it in between appointments.

Colours are still a huge part of the seasonal trend and a great way to transform your look without doing anything too drastic with the scissors. The current colours topping the list of requested styles in the salons are earthy tones made up of shades of copper and maroon with undertones of brown and rich chestnut.

As we move into spring KH Hair predict the colours will lighten into pastel shades with key tones such as rose, blush, bluebell and buttermilk all set to be the highlights (pardon the pun) of the new season.


Frizz and breakage are not problems confined to the hot summer months, winter can be just as damaging for hair that is prone to these issues and so KH Hair recommend stepping up your haircare routine to make sure you keep a glossy look all the way through the season.

There’s no need to wash your hair every day as you’re washing away essential minerals that help keep hair healthy and nourished. However, it is important that you use a mask or deep conditioning treatment once a week to replenish those nutrients and add an overall shine to hair that’s starting to look a bit flat by the end of the week.

Toning and purple shampoos for anyone with blonde colours or highlights are great for avoiding brassy tones and keeping a lovely fresh ash blonde that is especially stylish during the winter season.

Top Products of the Season

System Professional Silver Shampoo

This is a great shampoo to use to cool warmer tones on blonde hair which is perfect for the current trend of ash blonde and violet shades.

Wella SP LuxeOil & LuxeOil Keratin Restore Mask

These products are fantastic to strengthen and protect hair through the winter months whilst giving an extra shine to last the season. Use together for maximum benefit.

Sebastian Professional Trilliant

This product is a one stop shop for winter hair care, providing heat protection when styling, conditioning benefits and an extra sparkle that will make hair shine whatever the weather.

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