According to Cathedral City residents of Birmingham love cheese more than Social Media

In a study from Cathedral City it has been revealed that more than one in five Birmingham residents (20%) love cheese more than social media. 

The survey also discovered that Birmingham’s love is so ‘grate’ as a whopping 44% say they can’t go more than four days without cheese, and two thirds of us (66%) always make sure we have cheese in the house to satisfy our cravings!

This growing national love of cheese has seen curry lose its crown as our ‘national dish’ – instead being replaced with cheesy favourites such as lasagne, pasta and pizza. (53% of respondents’ favourite meals were Italian vs 20% opted for curry.)

According to Cathederal City residents of Birmingham love cheese more than Social Media

The study has also helped Cathedral City discover the secret formula for Birmingham’s and the nation’s favourite meal time. According to the findings, to enjoy a perfect meal we should:

  • Eat at home
    • Almost 85% of Birmingham residents prefer meals at home over eating out at a restaurant
  • Invite family and partners to a sit down meal
    • 67% of Birmingham respondents prefer to enjoy meals with family and partners, with nearly half the nation (46%) preferring to sit around a table
  • Take your time
    • A perfect meal in Birmingham is a slow one, with a third (32%) spending 1 to 2 hours enjoying their favourite cheesy food.

So there you have it, according to this survey residents of Birmingham love cheese more than social media and curry.

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