Drop Everything! We Review The Full Monty at Birmingham Hippodrome.

Drop Everything! We Review The Full Monty at Birmingham Hippodrome.

The Full Monty is one of the most acclaimed British films EVER and THE FULL MONTY stage play has become one of the most phenomenal theatrical productions.

Based on his smash hit film and adapted for the stage by Oscar-winning writer Simon Beaufoy, this hilarious and heartfelt production has received standing ovations every night and won the prestigious UK Theatre Award. Currently on it’s final run at Birmingham’s Hippodrome our resident girl about town, Lilith Hosley-Sheppard went along to catch the show.

I will never forget the excitement around The Full Monty when the film hit the screens. A film that resonated with so many across the UK it was watched repeatedly as people empathised with the characters. Fast forward 20 years and the story still holds many realities with the world today.

Set in Sheffield during the death of the steel industry an unlikely group of guys are simply trying to get by. Gaz (Gary Lucy) & Dave (Kai Owen) visit their old factory on the hunt for left over girders they can sell, with Gaz’s son Nathan (Fraser Kelly) in tow. Things like this rarely go to plan and Gaz ends up in a battle with his ex over maintenance money for Nathan. What follows is the pursuit to make a few ‘bob’ quickly so Gaz can see his son.

As the curtain rises, the set takes you straight into the old steel works. Complete with dodgy electrics, huge sliding doors, oil drums and the last few girders. The clever use of lighting changes the set through the show, never taking you far away from the run-down factory.

The stage show is true to the original film and who can forget the infamous dancing in the job centre scene. Horse (Louis Emerick) really does have some moves and former foreman Gerald (Andrew Dunn) puts his best foot forward as he tries to teach the other guys to dance. Throw in former Hollyoaks actor James Redmond as Guy and awkward Lomper (Joe Gill) and the Magic Mikes of Sheffield are set.

The show really is hilarious from start to finish, full of cheeky humour that keeps the audience laughing out loud. The comedic timing and obvious comradery of the guys only adds to their appeal. Of course, things do get rather cheeky, in more ways than one…… But not one to show and tell, you will have to book your tickets to see the show.

The Full Monty runs till November 10th.

To book your tickets, visit //www.birminghamhippodrome.com/calendar/the-full-monty-2018/

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