Three generations of mums made a top team at The Birch Tree

Three generations of mums at The Birch Tree

Sunday March 6 – Mothers’ Day – Was an especially heartwarming occasion at The Birch Tree on Bardon Road, Coalville, Leicestershire. The pub, run by Sue and Brian Crouch and owned by Everards Brewery, was hosted by four generations of women from the Crouch family.

Norma Bentham, her daughter (and landlady) Sue Crouch, Sue’s daughter Helen Crouch and even Helen’s daughter Lily-May, were under one roof, making sure other mums in the pub had an amazing day.

Sue, who became landlady of the Birch Tree in May 2014, said: “Young Lily loves to be involved! She has her own special outfit and especially loves bringing sauces to diners’ table. Helen works behind the bar, and Norma collects glasses and also does the laundry and ironing because she likes to see the chefs looking tip-top in their whites.”

So it wasn’t a relaxing Mothers’ Day at the Birch Tree for the four generations of women, but it was certainly  a satisfying one. “They all served in the restaurant till 5pm, and the bar stayed open till 9pm. Then they were be able to put our feet up,” said Sue. “It’s lovely to have all three mums under one roof working together as a team. We’ve just got to make sure we all behave ourselves for our little boss – Lily.