Imagine being able to turn back the hands of time and revitalise tired, dull and weathered skin. Well that’s the promise with G-Labs revolutionary Nefe™ Facial,the idea being that you can restore your youthful complexion, re-contour your face, smooth out any fine lines and wrinkles. And all this whilst reducing lacklustre skin elasticity around the neck, jaw, cheekbones, eyes and forehead. It’s the most powerful, intensive and effective 15-point facial without using any invasive or intimidating surgery, Botox or fillers so we sent dluxe’s Carey York to see whether it lived up to its legacy by testing it herself.

The treatment itself is named after the iconic Queen Nefertiti, known for her flawless facial features. Loss of volume is a fundamental component of facial ageing and changes in tissue composition as well as uneven fat redistribution can result in unsightly and unflattering jowls, yet G-Labs is able to reverse these signs of ageing in treatments that are relaxing, soothing and painless.

To say that I was excited is an understatement. Upon arrival the procedures were explained and I chose an area of the face to concentrate my treatment on. The Nefe facial has two-steps. The first is an invigorating, revitalising and relaxing facial specially designed by G-Labs, using some of the world’s rarest concentrations and ingredients. Even after the initial facial my skin was glowing and looked fantastic!

The second part of the treatment is where the magic really happened. We had already agreed to concentrate on my dark baggy eyes, something I’ve been conscious of for a while, and that nothing before would remove or conceal. Once I was comfortable on the treatment bed a gel was applied around the eye area. Then the Legacy and VIP machinea that are used by G-Labs, as well as NASA and favoured by many an A-lister actress and model, was simply rolled around the eye area.

The treatment was relaxing and not at all painful. The machines oxygenate and stimulate your own natural collagen, encouraging it to return to the surface. Once the treatment had been completed I was extremely impressed at the results. My dark circles, fine lines & brow creases were diminished and hardly visible at all. My skin felt smoother, tighter, glowing and replenished. I was amazed and continued to be, as the results last for about a month, just from one treatment.

There’s a range of Nefe™ Non-Surgical Body treatments too, from smoothing and tightening tummys, reducing stretch marks plus contouring and toning arms and legs and so much more.

Nefe™ Face & Body Non-Surgical Treatments start from £350.00 Discover the range of Nefe™ non surgical solutions at G-Labs.
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