Leicester City Supporters Toast Club’s Success with Limited Edition Captain ‘Wes’ Morgan Bottles

Leicester City supporters looking to toast the Club’s Barclays Premier league title can do so with a limited edition Captain Morgan bottle, which goes on sale in the City Fanstore at King Power Stadium this Saturday, along with in a number of supermarkets throughout Leicester.

Following Leicester City being crowned Barclays Premier League champions at the beginning of May, drink company Captain Morgan produced limited edition Captain ‘Wes’ Morgan bottles of the spirit, replacing their famous buccaneer on the label with an image of Leicester City’s captain Wes Morgan.

The label on the limited edition bottles sees Leicester City’s captain, Wes Morgan, sport royal blue and white robes, while his signature and a medallion inscribed with 2016 to mark the Club’s achievements this season, also feature.

Rhys Love, Senior Brand Manager of Captain Morgan, said: “Captains lead by example and we are thrilled to have one of the greatest captains of recent times, who coincidentally shares our name, become the centre of a historic sporting moment. We have created a limited edition Captain ‘Wes’ Morgan bottle to celebrate his incredible title win triumph as the Club’s skipper. We salute Leicester City and their own Captain Morgan.”

Limited edition bottles of Captain Morgan flowed into production at the beginning of May, following a twitter exchange between the drink company and Wes Morgan – which came about after Leicester City were crowned Barclays Premier League champions.

Following an unprecedented number of request from fans, Captain Morgan have announced they will be releasing a further 11,000 commemorative bottles of Captain ‘Wes’ Morgan.

Rhys Love added: “We had an incredible response from Leicester City fans when we unveiled the commemorative ‘Wes Morgan’ bottle earlier in May to celebrate the club’s historic triumph with Wes Morgan at the helm. We’ve been working hard to respond to this demand, and are excited that fans will have the chance to buy one of 11,000 limited edition bottles in the Leicester City Football Club store and selected retailers around the city.”

The bottles will be made available from a number of Asda, Morrisons, Waitrose and Tesco stores throughout Leicester and Leicestershire from next week, while Leicester City fans will also be able to buy bottles from the City Fanstore at King Power Stadium from Saturday 28 May

Proceeds from the limited edition Captain Morgan bottles sold at the City Fanstore will go towards the LCFC Foxes Foundation’s 2015/16 ‘Second Million’ campaign, which supports a number of Leicester based charities.

  • LCFC Foxes Foundation’s 2015/16 ‘Second Million’ campaign supports Royal Voluntary Service, Lord Mayor’s Appeal, Warning Zone, Once We Were Soldiers, Leicester Hospitals Charity Children’s Appeal

Limited edition Captain ‘Wes’ Morgan bottles available to purchase, while stocks last, at:

TESCO – Available whilst stocks last
Tesco Express, Welford House, LE1 6ZH
Tesco Superstore, Hinckley, LE10 0PR
Tesco Superstore, Loughborough Rushes, LE11 5BE
Tesco Superstore, Melton Mowbray, LE13 1SQ
Tesco Superstore, South Wigston, LE18 4SETesco Express, Lillie House, LE2 0QD
Tesco Express, Melton Road, LE4 6PN
Tesco Metro, Syston, LE2 2JT
Tesco Express, Bede Island, LE2 7HN
Tesco Express, Fosse Esso, LE3 5EX
Tesco Express, Hinckley Road, LE3 0TF
Tesco Express, Humberstone Lane, LE4 9JP
Tesco Express, Loughborough, LE11 2AL
Tesco Express, Lutterworth, LE2 8PH
Tesco Express, Saffron, LE2 6SD
Tesco Express, Dominion, LE3 8FB
Tesco Superstore, Narborough, LE3 2QR
Tesco Extra Leicester, LE4 1DE
Tesco Extra, Hamilton, LE5 1BJ
Tesco Metro, Evington, LE5 4WE
ASDA – Available whilst stocks last
Asda Superstore Hinckley, LE10 1SS
Asda Leicester Superstore, Narborough Road South, LE3 2LL
Asda Leicester Superstore, Abbey Lane, LE4 5NUAsda Superstore, Oadby, LE2 4AH
Asda Superstore, Thurmaston, LE4 8GN
MORRISONS – Available whilst stocks last
Morrisons Coalville, LE67 3JN
Morrisons Leicester, LE2 7LT
Morrisons Melton Mowbray, LE13 1QA
Morrisons Lutterworth, LE17 4EZ
Morrisons Hinkley, LE10 1YA
WAITROSE – Available whilst stocks last
Waitrose Harborough Rd, LE2 4LA