The Baby Aim: The Fourth Emergency Service for New Mums

baby aim

We’ve been there ourselves – or know others – who have given birth and their world has turned on its head. We feel cut adrift and may not have the familial support networks around us to help us navigate the chaos of the first few weeks and months. Sound familiar? It does to Candice Seeley who has launched The Baby Aim; a new resource aimed at supporting mums-to-be and new mums in Leicestershire.

The Baby Aim provides a range of antenatal, post-natal and sleep services, some specialised and some more generic, with the overall aim of creating happy family environments centred on the health and wellbeing of the newest additions to your family. Her support is tailor-made, family centred and personalised for each and every family. Think of her as a mix of modern-day midwife and agony aunt helping you to become the best new mum you can be.

Candice is a registered and practicing nurse with experience of working with adults, children and families. She has been actively involved in holistic health and care for over 10 years. Having recently completed a Masters’ Degree in Social and Healthcare Management she is able to apply her advanced organisational and management skills to family wellbeing and family life.

The Baby Aim can be found at or call them on 07590 616296

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