How to Dress The Perfect Tree This Christmas

How to Dress The Perfect Tree This Christmas

Avoid family arguments over the festive season with our definitive guide on how to dress the perfect tree, this Christmas. 


Even if the theme is total chaos you need to decide on what you want your tree to look like before you begin. Take inspiration from the big stores and see how they dress their tree or spend a sleepless night on Pinterest or Instagram for extra inspiration.

A common thread to your design scheme, whether that be colour, shape, materials or style will give your tree a cohesive feel. Once decided it’s time to go shopping! Make sure you choose ornaments of differing size and scale to add depth and interest to your tree.


After you’ve spent what seems like a life time untangling the lights that you knew you should have put away neatly last year, it is time to drape them on the tree.

Before any decorations get on the tree, start by draping the lights from the top round the bottom covering both the
back and front of the tree. Starting at the top will mean that the wire will be tucked back at the bottom out of sight.


Though it’s better to put the lights on from top to bottom, when it comes to applying the decorations, start at the bottom.
The reason for this is logistically as the lower half of the tree branches out wider you’ll need more decorations, which will need to be evenly distributed for a symmetrical look.


It may have been a staple of our childhood Christmas trees but tinsel really can over complicate things and distract from all that hard work you spent adding lights and perfectly placed decorations. Why not try hanging ice drops, strings of bells or even vintage style paper chains.

Here are some of our top Festive decorations to add to your tree and home as well:

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