REVIEW: Rehearsal For Murder is a true class act.

REVIEW: Rehearsal For Murder is a true class act.

Growing up in the Murder She Wrote era, Jessica Fletcher was always a firm favorite when it came to a good murder mystery. From the writers of Murder She Wrote, comes a stage adaptation by David Rogers of the Richard Levinson & William Link classic Rehearsal For Murder. The show is currently on a national tour and graced the stage of the Belgrade Theatre in Coventry this week and Lilith Hunt-Sheppard was there to see if she could guess who dunnit.

I will admit I love a show that makes me think, I am generally good at guessing the twist in the plot too. So when I was asked if I wanted to see the touring show, Rehearsal For Murder at the Belgrade Theatre in Coventry, I jumped at the chance.

The show is a play in a play and starts in a theatre. A ghostly figure lurks on the dark stage as playwright Alex Dennison, played by Robert Daws and his new assistant enter the theatre. As they settle themselves Alex starts to recount the events of an opening night that took place a year earlier. As he does, the stage comes alive with the other members of the cast acting out the night’s events.

I don’t want to give too much away and even I didn’t see the twist in the story coming, so want to keep you guessing. The cast are brilliant with some very strong characters. Amy Robbins as leading lady Monica Welles really brings a great charm to the show. Other favourites are Robert Duncan as veteran thespian David Mathews, Lucy Dixen as Karen Daniels a young, aspiring diva and as a fresh faced assistant in the big smoke, Holly Ellis as Sally Bean adds a really cute naivety to the cast.

As the plot unravels and you believe one possibility, another spanner then gets thrown into the works taking you back to the drawing boards. If you want to see a good who dunnit, this is one I would definitely recommend!

Rehearsal For Murder rune till Saturday 14th May at the Belgarde Theatre in Coventry.

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