We chat to star of The Sound of Music, this season’s festive family treat at Curve, Laura Pitt Pulford, to find out a few of her favourite things about the show.

So we assume you know the show quite well…

“Yes! I’m definitely familiar with the songs but the problem is you think you know them until you actually start working on them and then you think ‘Oh, Ok, hang on I don’t remember this bit’ or ‘What’s happening here? I was sure that wasn’t like that’ so, in actual fact, it’s one of those shows where although you think you know it, you actually have to own up and admit that maybe you don’t know it as well as you thought you did.

Does that semi familiar feeling make it a harder to perform?

The thing is you really have to make it your own; Maria especially is a role that everyone has an understanding of and an affinity with so you have to work out a way of bringing your own essence to it. That’s something that I will find during rehearsals; that’s what we use that journey for as actors, to start to find your own Maria! It’s your own Maria that fits in with your own Captain Von Trapp and with the children. It’s all a bit like a jigsaw puzzle really!

Is it daunting taking on such an iconic role?

It is, and if I think about it too long I ask ‘what am I doing???’ but there is nothing more exciting than being able to put your own stamp on a role that you really love and that you have always wanted to play. It’s a bit like discovering her all over again and that’s quite nice really. The thing is you can’t make mistakes when recreating a character as long as you are truthful to what you are playing- there’ s no right or wrong way to play anything as long as you are honest to the text.

The Sound of Music is so well known, do you think audiences will be able to take something new from the show?

I think so. The show in itself is actually slightly different to the film. I mean some the songs come in in different places and of course as director Paul Kerryson has his own vision of it all so there will definitely be differences. Drew Mconie, the choreographer, is really giving these songs new life as well. At the end of the day though, the story, which we all love, is remaining the same.

What do you think makes the show so popular?

The warmth and humanity of it. The message to follow your dreams is very strong as is that family bond, the fight to stay together and the fight for love. This was a horrific time in Austria with the war and we really do focus on that in the show as well the fears that people were living under at the time. It’s not all fluffy, we really do look at the reality of what was happening to them as well.

Nothing says Christmas like Nuns and Nazi’s, It is quite a dark tale if you look at it. Do you think it’s an odd choice for a festive performance?

No I really don’t. Christmas is about being with family and that is what this story is all about. It’s about love and cherishing what is around you. In the end they leave everything they know; money, their home, luxury, for the most important thing in life which is family and love. I think that’s such an uplifting message for families; what could be more perfect at Christmas?

It’s a great show for children as it offers them a wonderful lesson. My neice is coming who is four and I am so excited as it is her first show and the first show that she is ever going to see me in. I am so worried that I’m going to burst into tears as it will be incredible having her watching her Aunty Lor Lor on the stage. I just pray that she doesn’t scream out my name.

You’re back at Curve as a lead after being in Hello Dolly and Piaf- quite a different role.

It is really exciting as this is the 3rd part I’ve played for Paul Kerryson and every part i’ve played for him has been completely different like either end of the spectrum and now Maria is something completely different again- it’s very trusting of him and an amazing opportunity for me.

This is Paul’s last production at Curve, do you feel a great responsibility for that?

I always do, you always want to create the best show possible but with it being his last one here at Curve then I do want it be more special than any of the others and for him to enjoy every second of producing the show with his cast. I’m sure he will do as he has put together an amazing cast, it’s only day two but everyone seems pretty top notch. We have the lovely Michael French who is already fantastic and we’ve already got some great rapport.