Jerry Bottle – The Water Bottle That Gives Something Back


Why jerry?

Jerry is a not for profit company that raises funds for water projects around the world.  Every purchase gives something back.  Every jerry has the co-ordinates of the water project  it is supporting printed on the bottom.  We give 100% profits to charity, and maximise those profits are set up as a social enterprise with no shareholders.

Water is essential  – wrap a beautiful bottle around it.

While we have water at our heart, we also care about health and the environment.  Jerry is not just a bottle, it is a way of life.  Under our ‘carry jerry’ message we are encouraging people to keep water by their side and keep drinking through the day.  Our bottles are  beautiful enough to go with you into meetings, or restaurants, and practical enough to go to the gym or the great outdoors.  Through drinking more you will ensure that your body, which is 60% water, can deliver vitamins to your organs, and flush toxins out of your system.  Very few of us drink the 2 litres of water a day we should do, and many of us are choosing to overload our bodies with sugars, fats and chemicals that we struggle to filter out.  With a beautiful bottle wrapped around it, you will drink more water.


Hydration also improves the mind.  University students taking a bottle into exams have 10% better grades.  We are working with sponsors to convert whole schools to a healthy water habit by providing a free bottle for every student.  We will even twin schools to the water project funded by their sponsor, and provide the school with learning materials to help them understand these impacts.

When people switch from bottled water to jerry, they are reducing plastic bottle pollution.  275,000 tonnes of plastic are used each year in the UK, that’s about 15 million bottles per day, of which only 3 million are recycled[1].  We plan to reduce 15m bottles from landfill in our first year.

Help us make tap water fashionable

We are setting ourselves the challenge of making tap water fashionable.  The water bottle industry have done a great job in convincing people that water is best coming out of bottles.  We are teaming up with artists and designers to join in with this water revolution to blog, rap, paint, and film our way out of plastic and sugar addiction.  Many people are thinking the same way and doing something about it.

We are connecting to lots of different types of people about jerry from Universities and Local Authorities to fashion designers.  What is interesting is that everyone is helping because they believe in the importance of water, health and the environment.