Frankie Goes To Bollywood is coming to Wolverhampton Grand Theatre from 11th to the 15th June.
FRANKIE GOES TO BOLLYWOOD by KumarLaila Zaidi as Frankie; Navin Kundra as Prem; Shakil Hussain as Raju King; Helen K Wint as Malika; Gigi Zahir as Shona; Katie Stasi as Goldy Anna Maria Barber as Ensemble + Dance Captain Ensemble Tash Bacarese-Hamilton; Hari Chandresh; Kuldeep Goswami; Nikita Johal; Dhruv Ravi; Qoobi Robinson; Tamara Verhoven ClydeDirected by Pravesh Kumar; Associate Directed by Ameet Chana; Musical Supervision & Musical Direction by Josh Sood; Movement Director/ Costume Design by Andy Kumar; Associate Choreography by Nicola Mac; Dramaturgy by Carl Miller; Set Design by Rebecca Browser; Lighting Design by Phillip Gladwell; Sound Design by Chris Murray; Dialect Coaching by Gurkiran Kaur; Original Workshop Arrangements by Charlie Ingles; for Debbie O’Brien Casting by Sophia Lewis; Assistant Design by Willow Burrows; Scenic Graphics by Billy Knapper;Shot at Watford Palace theatre, Watford, United Kingdom on 25.04.24 by Rich LakosCopyright Rich Lakos / ArenaPAL

A spectacular all-singing-all-dancing tale of heroes and villains, with all the costumes and the spectacle of a Bollywood feature film, Frankie Goes To Bollywood is coming to Wolverhampton Grand Theatre from 11th to the 15th June.

Frankie never wanted to be a star, all she’s ever really wanted is a close and loving family – but after a chance encounter with an up-and-coming director, she finds herself transported to Bollywood, cast in a movie and thrust into the limelight. Might the Bollywood world provide her with the family and community she has always dreamed of? Suddenly Frankie is immersed in the world of fame and fortune but as she climbs the sparkling staircase of stardom, each step makes her question what she is willing to do, or be subjected to, for success.

Drawing inspiration from both traditional Bollywood music and the best of western musical theatre, the music for Frankie goes to Bollywood is a carefully integrated hybrid – designed to appeal to lovers of the Bollywood genre and also lovers of a good old West End extravaganza and is inspired by those true stories of young men and women who make the journey to India to become Brits in Bollywood.

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