6 products to ensure you get a very beautiful night’s sleep

6 products to ensure you get a very beautiful night's sleep

Guys, forget the saying “you snooze you lose” … beauty sleep isn’t just for the fairer sex. When it comes to your daily grooming regime getting enough shut-eye should be a priority to help keep your skin in tip top condition. While you’re in the land of the nod your body is busy repairing and recovering, so aim for between seven to nine hours a night as studies reveal any less can lead to wrinkles and drier skin.

LISA PIDDINGTON from HARVEY NICHOLS BIRMINGHAM reveals the best products to ensure you get a very beautiful night’s sleep.

Spacemasks, £15 for five

These self heating masks block out the light while the warm jasmine scent helps you drift off into the dreamland.

This Works Sleep Plus Trouble Shooter, £36

The motion-activated fragrance soothes and calms, while the hard-working multifruit acids, vitamin E and hyaluronic acid help to tackle sleep head on.

Skin Laundry SleepCycle clean sleep pillowcase, £26

Our pillowcases absorbs oil, germs and dead cells from your face only to transfer them back to your skin each night. This pillowcase is treated with charged silver ion technology that reduces the presence of harmful bacteria by 99.9%.

Holistic Silk eye mask, £57

Not only does this lavender silk mask add a little style to your 40 winks, the supersize design ensures you are as comfortable as can be.

Kiki Health Magnesium Oil Spray, £13

Ever suffer from restless leg syndrome? Magnesium deficiency can be a key cause of insomnia. Spray directly onto skin to relax and calm agitated muscles.

Anatomicals Cruisin’ For A Snoozin’ Sleep Balm, £4

An anxious mind can throw your slumber into despair. Massage the beeswax and lavender concoction on to your
temples just before going to bed. One, two, three … sleep.

All products featured are available from Harvey Nichols Birmingham, either in store or via the Style Concierge service.

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