Christopher Courtney London Launches The Ultimate In Muscle Ease Therapy Collection.

Christopher Courtney London The Ultimate Muscle Ease Therapy.

Award-winning luxury skincare brand Christopher Courtney London unveils their exquisite Muscle Ease Therapy range. The collection is developed to counteract the effects of any sporting activities, tight and sore muscles and listlessness. The range is also designed to de-stress, relax, soothe and calm the mind and body and generally improve well-being, circulation and guarantee a deep peaceful sleep when used in the evening –  must have products whether you are active or not!

The luxury range harnesses natural and organic minerals, vitamin rich actives and the power of aromatherapy renowned for its therapeutic benefits for result driven products to improve wellness, restore, energise and rejuvenate.

The collection consists of Muscle Ease Therapy – Thalassotherapy Luxury Bath Salt combining pink Himalayan salt, Dead Sea salt, Epson salt, rich butters, organic and pure essential oils for a therapeutic mineral rich bath to ease knotted muscles, aches & pains, improve circulation and revitalised. Muscle Ease Therapy – Luxury Bath Oil. For an enjoyable and deeply relaxing, de-stressing and revitalising bathing experience. Muscle Ease Therapy – Luxury Body Oil. For cashmere soft and satin smooth skin, relief of poor circulation, stiffness and muscular aches. Muscle Ease Therapy – Luxury Bath/Shower Gel, a refreshing pick me up product when you are short on time, also great for the gym bag too. Muscle Ease Therapy – Luxury Cooling Gel, a multifunctional gel which helps to ease aches and pains, bruises and sprains – it can be used anywhere.  Muscle Ease Therapy – Luxury Balm. Immediately soothes sore and aching muscles, feeds and nourishes the skin too. Muscle Ease Therapy – Luxury Massage Candle ultimate luxury in spa sport massage therapy for increased blood circulation, for quick muscle recovery, as well as improving wellness and creating a relaxing state. Muscle Ease Therapy – Professional Muscle Ease Therapy- Luxury Massage Gelee. A wonderful product for Sports Therapy, Deep Tissue Remedial and Swedish Massage to help clients relax and unwind, de-stress, soothe, restore and energise.

 Priced At £18.95 – £54.95


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