EDITOR’S PICK: Olverum Restful Sleep Pillow Mist

If the changing of the clocks or too much time in front of the computer screen has left your circadian rhythm out of synch and it’s affecting the quality of your sleep, you will be interested to learn about Olverum’s Pillow Mist; a product especially designed to give you the sweetest of dreams.

In simple terms, it’s a spray product you spritz onto your bed linen that not only helps you get to sleep more easily, but improves the quality of your sleep, too.  This has the double whammy effect of putting us in a better mood (which everyone benefits from), whilst maintaining firmer, healthier skin.

Whilst there is a wealth of pillow mist sprays on the market atm, we’d go all out to say this is one of the best.  The fragrance is divine – side bar, also try the bath oil – the Bergamot Oil elevates your mood, melting away tension to gently ease you into a serene natural slumber. Next, full-bodied High-Altitude Lavender (who knew there was a thing) and potent Geranium Oils dominate, relaxing the body for a disturbance-free transition into the calming, restorative and mood stabilising second stage of sleep.  The rich, woody Amyris Oil then works to deepen the hardest-working ‘slow wave’ stages of sleep, during which the body repairs itself, stimulates growth and regeneration, boosts the immune system, and builds up reserves of energy for the next day.  Finally, the Roman Chamomile oil helps to maintain and extend this period of deep rest, ensuring you awaken looking and feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Don’t lose, snooze.

50ml Pillow Mist Spray is RRP £25, available at SpaceNK, or www.olverum.com
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