We all yearn for the perfect tan but with warnings ringing in our ears, the only safe way to go from pale and uninteresting to bronzed Adonis is to fake it. LISA PIDDINGTON from HARVEY NICHOLS BIRMINGHAM, reveals how men can achieve a realistic summer glow.

Whether you are jetting off to far-flung lands or planning a summer closer to home, the one souvenir we all hope to bring back from our holidays is sun-kissed skin. Despite men being a little gung-ho when it comes to sunbathing, none of us can ignore the warnings about the damage the sun can do and so the sensible option is to cheat your way to a golden glow.

Fake tans have certainly come a long way in the last decade, and more and more of guys are not afraid to experiment. No longer associated with a tell-tale stench and a give-away orange hue, bronzing products really are a man’s best friend. Here’s my guide to getting the best out of your self-tan.

1: Get the perfect coverage by giving yourself plenty of time to moisturise, apply and, most importantly, dry off. Make sure you apply the product as evenly as possible over knees, elbows, wrists, ankles, feet and hands … these are the real give-away areas when you’re faking it.

2: Work from your feet upwards to avoid smudging and when you get to your face go right into the hairline too. Wipe your hair once finished to so there’s no tell-tale staining.

3: You only need a small amount of lotion as a little really does go a long way. Apply two thin coats for a darker look rather than going for one thick layer.

4: Give the impression of sculpted limbs by using an aerosol tan for an extra layer along the sides of legs, arms and chest to create shadow and shape.

5: Try not to get wet or sweat too much for at least six hours after application. Opt for loose fitting clothes to minimise streaks and white marks.

6: For a slower build-up to a natural look, choose an everyday gradual tanner.


Here’s the Harvey Nichols edit for self tanning stalwarts:

1: Elemis total glow bronzing moisturiser, £30.

2: Lancôme flash bronzer self-tanning face gel, £26.

3: He-Shi express liquid tan, £21.50.

4: La Mer gradual tan face and body, £75.

5: Rodial Brazilian tan airbrush, £46.

6: Sisley Phyto-Touche tinted body sun glow gel, £72.

All products featured are available from Harvey Nichols at the Mailbox or online at harveynichols.com.

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