Healthy Hair with Umberto Giannini

Healthy Hair with Umberto Giannini

Winter is upon us and it can be almost as damaging for your hair as the summer months. Protection is key! Damp British cold weather can take its toll on your tresses and there are a few essential things that can be done to combat this tough season.

Your hair and skin can get as dehydrated in the winter as the summer so it’s essential to drink plenty of water and use products that will add moisture to both scalp and hair to replace what the extremes of our climate can throw at us. Scalp care is one of the most overlooked things in your top to toe beauty regime, however it’s where your hair comes from so it really does pay to look after it. The correct balance of nutrients and PH Levels are so important for healthy hair growth and is so easy to achieve, just build it into your routine before bed and within months you will see the transformation to thicker, fuller, more enriched hair.

Think about visiting the salon more regularly to trim the ends of your hair, making sure that split ends are dusted off before given a chance to creep up the hair lengths and put your dreams of long luscious hair
further out of reach. Long hair is still a key trend and hair as healthy looking at the ends as the roots is the goal.

This is where moisturising and protecting products come in to their own, and there are plenty of good ones in the Umberto Giannini range for all hair types. The new Grow Long Hair Mask has it all, intense moisturising creams with UG’s unique Coffee-Gro Complex.

As ever protection from heat and humidity is essential and always try to avoid unnecessary heat styling. Think about styling your hair differently the day after a wash rather than wash and style again. Ask your hairdresser to show you some second day styles that you can master and you instantly halve the damage caused by styling. Using slightly cooler water should be enough to smooth the cuticle out. When you do style, make sure you always include styling products with a heat protective barrier in your regime.

If keeping hair smooth and frizz free is a big issue, a semi-permanent blow dry could be the revelation you have been looking for. Book in for this hour long treatment that seals the hair cuticle with keratin (naturally found in hair which when depleted results in a dry, damaged appearance) and allows you to wash and go with minimal heat styling for up to 3 months. It’s the beauty secret of every perfectly presented
power woman!

So how should you be wearing your hair this party season? Shorter haircuts are still few and far between. Loose tousled hair without the hairspray and with plenty of texture will be everywhere this winter season. Curls are big, with relaxed shapes and a light use of products for a soft touchable texture. If you have waves but want curls, try this simple
old fashioned styling tip – smooth Umberto Giannini Curl Jelly through clean damp hair and twist each lock until it curls back on itself and secure with a hair grip. Do this all over and in the morning tease out the curls with your fingers.

We look forward to welcoming you at the salon and remember consultations are free as we love to talk hair so if you are considering a style or colour upgrade then book a consultation today.

Umberto Giannini products are available at all Umberto Giannini salons,, and Boots stores nationwide.
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