New Neroli Portofino Collection From Tom Ford.

New Neroli Portofino Collection From Tom Ford Fragrances.

Portofino, a resort town on the Italian Riviera internationally recognized for its conflux of arresting beauty and old-world glamour and tradition is the inspiration behind Tom Ford’s Neroli Portofino, a collection of all over body sprays that draw upon its dramatic landscape and jet-set sophistication.

A refreshing and invigorating mist to be used all over the body, the Neroli Portofino collection is lightly scented and add are designed to complement their eau de parfum counterparts.

Tom Ford Neroli Portofino

COSTA AZZURRA evokes the fragrant and sun-baked landscape of coastal and island Mediterranean woods where pines and oaks mingle with wild-growing herbs and salty water.

Whilst FLEUR DEPORTOFINO is inspired by the cascades of flowers from the white acacia tree, a beloved shade tree that
dots the Mediterranean’s gardens and avenues, this fragrance contains notes of Sicilian lemon, bigarde leaf, violet leaf, jasmine and acacia honey.

Completing the collection is the MANDARINO DI AMALFI all over body spray that captures the calm idyll of the whitewashed villas lining the cliff sides of the Amalfi coast, this fresh fragrance contains mandarin oil, lemon sfumatrice, basil spearmint and a duet of jasmine.


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