Organic Sandalwood To Cleanse And Heal

Sandalwood is renowned for its natural anti-viral properties, and that’s why Heaven Skincare has added it to a number of their hand and body washes. We asked the brand’s Founder Deborah Mitchell to explain how it can help.

The Government has quite rightly advised us to wash our hands frequently and for 20 seconds each time (serenading your family with two verses of Happy Birthday is, of course, optional). Good old soap and water is a really effective way to fight viruses but so many of my clients who are following the advice are now suffering from red, flaky or painful skin because they are using harsh anti-bacterial washes and gels far more than normal.

So this got me thinking … what can I add to my products that can help ease this issue? I’ve known about the benefits of sandalwood for a long time – while you may be aware of it being used to fragrance perfumes and soaps, it has also been used as an anti-viral antiseptic and astringent before the discovery of penicillin to treat headaches, stomach upsets, urinary infections and venereal diseases.

The benefit of adding it to my washes is that it is much kinder on your skin; it won’t dry your hands, instead it’s soothing and gently while still delivering a thorough cleanse. I have also used pure essential Indian sandalwood oil rather than just perfume as this is far more effective.


The Afternoon Tea Hand Wash boasts a wonderful blend of organic jasmine, grapefruit and white tea with a hint of light citrus and rose allowing you to drift off into an imaginary English garden.

Heaven’s Anti-Cellulite Body Wash not only helps diminish cellulite but it will leave your skin feeling fresh and silky whilst lifting your spirits.

The Dream Body Wash works on a sensory level so it makes you sleepy while it exfoliates and moisturises – perfect for those sleepless nights.

Denorah created the Detox Body Wash to help anyone who suffers with fluid. The combination of patchouli, juniper and cypress oils help detox from the inside out, leaving you feeling refreshed and restored.

Indian sandalwood essential oil has been added to our exclusive Heaven hand and body wash range, available online at
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