You Are What You Eat!

Making wise choices about what you eat is not only vital for healthy skin but also to ensure your body is better placed to fight off infection. Here, Heaven Skincare Founder Deborah Mitchell reveals her favourite health-giving foods.

As we all start to social distance or self-isolate, it’s so easy to reach for the chocolate and wine and hide away from the world with nothing but Netflix for company – believe me, I’m tempted to do it myself. But now more than ever it is important that we choose foods that keep our bodies in the best condition possible. I’m not a medical expert but I have spent years looking at how natural and organic products can boost our bodies, moods and skin so while my advice is not official guidance it might help you think about making healthier choices.

First up, one of the most effective ways to keep your skin in good condition is to eat a varied diet. Mix up the colours of your vegetables – think traffic lights, with each colour representing what your body needs – and add to this things like olives, olive oils, nuts and avocadoes to improve your skin’s elasticity. Boost your immunity with citrus fruits, broccoli, garlic, spinach, turmeric and green tea.

Mushrooms really are magical … thanks to their antibacterial, antiviral and antioxidant properties. Because they are a fungus your body becomes more alert when you eat them and gears up to fight off nasties. They can also help boost your immune system and improve the microbes in your gut.

Don’t just brush it off as an old wives’ tale because chicken soup could be good for the soul after all. Studies have shown that it may have anti-inflammatory effect on the body and can possibly ease symptoms of upper respiratory tract infections and colds. Take this time now to perfect your favourite recipe; there are plenty of great suggestions online.

Add an extra bit of ginger to your stir fries; it’s been used in Eastern medicine for hundreds of years, due to it being antibacterial and antiviral, and is believed to fight off infection as well as flushing toxins from your body. It’s great for easing the chest too, so combine it as a drink with hot lemon and ginger to help clear mucus.

For a simple at-home solution make a salt spray to use up your nose to cleanse first-line infection. It’s a natural way to loosen and thin mucus and makes breathing easier if you’re congested.

And now my favourite … bacon and eggs. Why? Because bacon is high in salt to help tackle viruses in the gut; while eggs are high in vitamin D. Now you have the perfect excuse to enjoy that fry-up!

And finally, don’t forget to smile. Happiness is one of our greatest immunity boosters and it makes you feel better. Keep in touch with family, find things to laugh about on social media and settle down to watch those classic comedy shows. Fear and anxiety is not only bad for your mental and physical health but also bad for your skin health too. Please remember as humans we are strong enough to beat this; hold on to what you love and what makes you smile.

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