It’s the morning after the night before, you’re dehydrated and the headache has kicked in. What if someone could make it all stop and send you back to full health in a matter of 30 minutes? Well, that miracle cure is coming to Birmingham… and it costs just £50.

Set to open later this year, EF MEDISPA Edgbaston will bring a host of unique treatments to the region but for fans of a Friday night tipple, the ‘B Shots’ will prove a winning formula.

B12 vitamin is responsible for the conversion of carbohydrates to glucose, which creates an energy factory that can rival any hangover. A simple 30-minute visit to EF MEDISPA Edgbaston, which is coming to Greenfield Crescent this autumn, will have you back to your pre-binge health and fully energised.

The rise of Intravenous drips and shots has risen over the past 12 months, with the likes of Rihanna, Cindy Crawford and even Simon Cowell all reported to be fans of the treatments. Model Cara Delevingne, who is known for burning the candle at both ends, has taken to social media to shout about the effect of vitamin shots.

In addition to these famed intramuscular shots, EF MEDISPA Edgbaston will be home to the region’s first and only Drip & Chill™ Lounge; a haven of vitamins and minerals prescribed to suit your needs.

The leading treatments have been tried and tested by some of the world’s best health and beauty experts, and are part of daily routines for worldwide stars, and now you have the chance to get your veins in on the action.

If your energy levels are low, there’s an infusion that contains high levels of Vitamin B and Magnesium, both vital components for improving your energy levels as well as Taurine, one of the most famous energy boosting amino acids. There’s also one that’s set to rejuvenate you; with powerful antioxidants Vitamin B, C and Glutathione, this drip is the ultimate mix of valuable detoxifying nutrients that can help to stimulate the production of new collagen and prevent signs of ageing.

If you’re under stress then the ‘Tranquillity’ drip is for you; the formulation contains Glutamine, Carnitine and Ornithine to help promote a balanced mood and better concentration. If you’re combating lethargy, give your immune system a boost with Vitamin C, Zinc, Vitamin B and many other powerful antioxidants.

For those who are more athletic, EF MEDISPA Edgbaston has created an infusion that’s perfect for those with an active sports lifestyle. The formulation contains high concentration of Vitamin B and Carnitine, both essential to maintaining higher levels of energy and improve athletic performance, and it contains Glutamine to assist in muscle recovery after an extreme workout.

Believe it or not, there is even a Drip & Chill™ formula that’s perfect for anyone watching their weight. Packed with detoxing, replenishing vitamins and minerals that can aid your digestive system, our Diet infusion can also assist in the process of reducing stubborn fat when combined with an appropriate diet and healthy lifestyle.

You don’t have long to wait until these ‘miracle cures’ are in Birmingham. To find out more about Drip & Chill™ and the other the unique treatments on offer when EF MEDISPA Edgbaston opens later this year, visit


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