Morgan Cars & Gruhme: A New Smell Of Success


The Morgan Motor Company (world famous for its handcrafted works of iconic British motor cars) and Birmingham-based British fragrance house, Gruhme, have joined forces to release a Morgan branded men’s fragrance befitting the carmaker’s British heritage and prestige. 

Whilst Morgan was established in 1909, Gruhme is relatively new having only been created in 2013. However, founders of both companies, born exactly 100 years apart, lived in the town of Malvern, where Morgan is based and both had strong connections to Malvern College. Harry (HG), the founder of Morgan worked closely alongside the College’s engineering department on his first  Morgan cars. Over 80 years later, Robert Hallmark, founder of Gruhme, was to spend his teenage years sudying engineering at the same department, which has lost none of its former calibre and was to play a pivotal role in inspiring his passion for design and creativity.

Fast-forward to 2015 and these two British independents are collaborating on a modern but tasteful and contemporary male fragrance adding the exclusive Morgan marque with its incredibly long-standing brand heritage and British history.

The Morgan fragrance provides ample amounts of iscerning British pedigree with all the fresh notes of a modern, uplifting and extraordinarily wearable male scent. The end result of this fragrance collaboration is simply refined, just like the Morgan cars themselves.

The presentation of the fragrance makes it clear how both brands share an enviable passion for their craft. The design approach is one of an intelligent, thoughtful, creative but personal touch.

These advocates of British finery are seeing the world show increasing appetite for their bespoke craftsmanship and unique styling, refined for the modern era. In the Morgan fragrance you will encounter 21st century presentation and functionality in combination with the taste, sophistication and heritage that garners timeless interest. The product is aimed at people who have the confidence and resources to adopt a selective and tasteful lifestyle. You have seen these picturesque and iconic Morgan cars grace our roads, now experience a new sensation of Morgan enjoyment with their new British fragrance, courtesy ofG ruhme.

The Morgan fragrance will be made available online via the Morgan website at for £45.00 at 100ml per bottle and at the Morgan shop based at the factory site in Malvern.

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