American brother duo’s trailblazing art to be showcased in Birmingham

American brother duo, Jeffrey and Michael Bisaillon, will be on show in Birmingham from this week to showcase their trailblazing art.

Local art fans can look forward to experiencing new art by the Bisaillon Brothers at Castle Fine Art at the Mailbox from Friday 14th February, where the exhibition will run until 8th March.

Showing for the first time with Castle Fine Art, the artists, influenced by the likes Andy Warhol and Basquiat, will showcase new exclusive art made up of mostly original work. Described as a fresh interpretation on current issues through the use of vibrant colours and bold brushwork, the art seeks to evoke commentary on pop-culture and uses a mix of different techniques and styles, from traditional painting to digital art.

Originally from Austin, Texas the brothers’ love for art goes back generations and can be seen as a throwback to 20th century culture but with the reality of the 21st century. Their style taps into today’s issues, harnessing themes such as globalism, celebrity culture, consumerism and fashion.

Speaking ahead of the exhibition, the brothers said: “As new technologies emerge and become available, artists must utilize them while at the same time respecting the artistic methods of the past.”

Danny Wigley, gallery manager at Castle Fine Art, Mailbox, said: “The brothers bring with them a fresh take on what we see as modern art. By merging traditional painting with graphic design and contemporary themes with symbolism, their pieces have an impact on people and immediately command the attention of the room.

“We are very excited to give art lovers the opportunity to see the new art up-close from this Friday. The pieces are in high demand and should be seen in person, so we’d encourage anybody interested in viewing them to come to the gallery as soon as possible.”

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