Amplify Your Christmas And Party At Arena Birmingham

Amplify Your Christmas And Party At Arena Birmingham

As we wave goodbye to long summer days, tans and sun cream, our thoughts turn to more Autumnal delights, and dare we say it…Christmas! Yes, it’s that time of year again when we need to start checking office calendars and organising the all-important annual staff Christmas party.

With so much choice available, and multiple tastes to cater for, it can often be a difficult and very daunting task for the appointed organiser. Take into consideration any Christmas gathering involving the invitation of clients than the stresses of this can triple. The team behind Birmingham’s premium hospitality provider Amplify, know of these stresses more than anyone, offering relief to Executive Assistants and office staff across the West Midlands every Christmas, with their Show Cube Christmas packages at Arena Birmingham.

With over 9 years’ experience in hospitality, they provide an alternative, premium option that takes your Christmas party experience to the next
level. With three hospitality levels to choose from and the ability to book up to 14 people in the private Show Cubes, Amplify is a top pick this festive season.


“The first thing to consider is to plan ahead,” says Sally Walder, General Manager of Amplify. “More often than not teams will wait until they are in the ‘Christmas spirit’ before considering their options. By late November, many of the quality offerings in the city are already fully booked, so I’d recommend thinking about your options early to avoid disappointment, especially if you have a larger team.”


Planning in the Autumn also helps with budgeting; Whether or not it’s going on the company account, there will always be small incidentals for individuals – extra drinks, hotels, travel that need to be factored in. “We have a great deal with Park Regis at the moment, where Amplify members can receive 20% off their hotel stay when attending an event at Arena Birmingham” says Walder.


Another topic of great discussion will be the varying opinions on what
constitutes a great Christmas party. Go for more generic themes that will suit the most awkward of individuals in the office. Some of Amplify’s events across November and December such as Florence + The Machine, Years & Years and Madness are known to attract audiences that span across generations and demographics, making it a great night for everyone from the office junior to senior management.

However, it is widely known that the catering can either make or break an
event. With food and drink at the forefront of most people’s minds
throughout the Christmas period, it’s important to get it right. Amadeus’ expert chefs combines culinary flair, attentive service and sustainable
thinking to deliver the food element of the packages. They understand the unique challenges of events, private and corporate catering and the variety of dietary requirements that may need to be catered for at a Christmas party. Whether your team or clients prefer a threecourse sit down meal, or just some simple canapes and drinks, it can be delivered.

“Both Amplify and Amadeus appreciate more than anyone that the idea of a standard turkey dinner can be slightly uninspiring when organising an amazing Christmas party!” adds Walder. “So, unlike many Christmas party packages, we work together to offer high quality dinners, combined with a speedy service, to ensure our festive offer is dynamic and delicious.”

To find out more about Amplify or booking hospitality for an event this Autumn/Winter, please call the team on 0844 338 0333 or visit
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