Become an MI5 agent in the compelling spy drama, A Moment of Madness

A Moment of Madness, online interactive play

Ever wondered if you’ve got what it takes to be a spy? Do you have the nerve to conduct surveillance on a potentially corrupt politician?

This opportunity can be yours courtesy of Birmingham-based immersive theatre company, The Other Way Works. We’ve got to tell you about A Moment of Madness!

A Moment of Madness is a FREE interactive online experience where you set out on a covert spy mission from the comfort of your home. Players will be involved in a stake-out of a multi-storey car park and be led along an intriguing timeline, uncovering the story of an ambitious politician. Witness political corruption and barriers to environmental progress, solve Escape Game style puzzles and be left questioning the ethics of surveillance along the way.

Michael Makerson is a prominent Member of Parliament. Passionate about post-Brexit Britain, Makerson is behind one of the most progressive pieces of environmental legislation and has ambitions of one day becoming Prime Minister. But like many public figures, Makerson also has skeletons in his closet: a close relationship with one of Saudi Arabia’s most bullish businessmen, a notorious party animal for a brother-in-law, plus an increasingly distant relationship with his wife.  

Who is Makerson meeting in a car park? And why is he being watched?

Made previously as a live immersive experience, and later adapted online, A Moment of Madness is now available on demand which means you can gather a team at home and play at a time that suits you.  

It launches today, Friday 3 March 2023, and will be FREE for a limited period. Each team of 2-4 people will need a computer connected to the internet and at least one smartphone.  Lasting around 60 minutes it’s a great winter social activity for those looking for something different. If feedback from previous players is anything to go by, it’s not to be missed:

Head to to play for free from Friday 3 March 2023. Alternatively sign up to the mailing list here: and play before anyone else!

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