Autistic boy’s aquarium wish comes true at National Sea Life Centre.

Autistic boy’s aquarium wish comes true at National Sea Life Centre.

Fish fanatic Jack’s dream of assisting an animal care team comes true at the National Sea Life Centre in Birmingham

Seven year old underwater enthusiast Jack, from Birmingham, who has recently been diagnosed with autism, was desperate to help the animal care team at the city centre aquarium, who this week made his marine aspirations come true by organising a quiet afternoon with one of their team for this passionate mini Aquarist to help with some fish feeding.

Since being diagnosed with autism, Jack, aged 7, has struggled to continue concentration and has been Home Educated due to some of his difficulties within a school setting. As a regular visitor to the aquarium, Jack was familiar with the space, and his mother Clare noticed it stimulated his learning, making it the perfect place for him to spend time developing his knowledge.

Clare said: “We are so grateful to the National Sea Life Centre for organising this special day for Jack. It’s been incredible to see how being in the centre has calmed him and allowed him to focus and engage in a way he is often unable to with school learning. He’ll definitely be remembering this special day for a long time to come.”

The National Sea Life Centre is this month launching Quiet at the Aquarium, the first event of its kind for the centre, at 9am on Saturday 17th June. The event aims to provide a quieter experience, for a more comfortable aquarium visit for those with autism and other sensory requirements.

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