Autumn Hair Trends

autumn trends

Summer is well and truly over and the autumn hair trends are back, the nights are longer and winter is in on the horizon; however with the season  change comes a change hair trends, which on a personal note, is our favourite here, says Dean Vinning of Sixth Sense Salon in Sutton Coldfield.

Throw away the “rule book” with pastel colours: The good news when it comes to hair colour is there are no rules! Pastel colours have started to become main stream with clients of all ages asking for pastel pink, violet or even green hair… Not feeling that adventurous? then why not go for something less obvious like a peach semi over a blonde to give this season’s hottest colour, Rose Gold. (picture left). Still not sure? Check out Helen Mirren’s bubble gum pink hair colour at the BAFTA Awards a couple of years ago? She looked sensational and made women of a certain age seriously reconsider their hair colour choices.

Choose a hair colour that flatters While dying your hair pastel pink may be a step too far, a flattering hair colour can do wonders for your confidence. Your hair colour expert can help you find a colour that suits your skin tone.

Naturally grey hair can be ageing which is why many women enhance their grey with highlights or lowlights. Dark skin tones can pull off a blonde salt and pepper look by adding dark lowlights, while those with light skin tones look great with pale blonde tones.

There are also those lucky few who discover that their grey or white hair is actually rather beautiful and complements their skin tone perfectly. Dame Judi Dench we salute you with your gorgeous white hair and trendy short cut! Is it time to cut my long hair?

We love long hair here at Sixth Sense Salon, but as we’re coming up to Autumn / Winter we say “ditch the locks”. Mid-length hair and short hair can look chic and elegant. Bobs andlong bobs – as seen on Diane Keaton – will never go out of fashion and can be worn slick and straight or voluminous and wavy. A texturized short hairstyle – sported by Emma Thompson – can also be a versatile choice as it can be worn slicked back or messy and tousled.

Whatever hair style you choose, ask your stylist for advice on which hairstyle would best suit your face shape.


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