‘Try before you buy’. It’s a cliché because it’s true, but the reality of attempting to follow these wise words, particularly in the fast-moving world of music and TV technology, can be somewhat, shall we say, challenging. This autumn, though, help is at hand. The Audio & AV show brings the world’s leading audio and AV brands to Birmingham, enabling its visitors to leisurely view, experience and buy, the latest top tech.

Whether you are considering getting into (or back into?) vinyl, are tempted by the latest music streaming systems, or are due a new set of headphones, this is a chance to try the latest audio kit and, at the same time, get invaluable guidance from the experts. The latest smart TV’s, will also be on display, bringing the likes of curved screens and striking 4K technology and all their derivatives to a single, smartly appointed location.

The event takes place over the weekend of Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th of September 2017 at the Birmingham International Convention Centre (ICC) and Hyatt Regency Birmingham hotel. Created by a team of hugely experienced show organisers, and in partnership with Superfi, one of the UK’s leading hi-fi and home cinema specialist retailers, the Audio & AV show has (literally) got you covered – the city centre hotel is directly linked to the ICC making travelling between the two show zones a synch.

Both the Hyatt and the ICC are ideal for hosting this event, bringing the space necessary to properly display the equipment, as well as providing comfortable surroundings for visitors. Expect to hear some of the world’s finest audio systems, enjoying them in not only smart surroundings, but also ones in which the organisers and exhibitors will create ideal listening environments. And remember to bring your own music and prepare to relax, taking your time to hear how your tunes sound on what may be your next home audio system.

And once you’ve had a listen to the systems, you can get great advice from massively experienced exhibitors. In many instances, the guys and girls exhibiting in Birmingham are also the people who design the actual products. How often in life can you go shopping, and before you buy, speak with the
people who designed the products?

The same good news applies for those looking to checkout the latest TVs and associated technology. Brands already confirmed include LG, Panasonic, and Samsung and the space provided by the show enables visitors to experience sensational TVs in bespoke exhibition environments. The show is a family affair, too, so bring the clan and compare notes. How does the TV picture look from an angle? How does it sound when playing movies? Is it good for gaming? This is an opportunity for the family to get together and have some productive and, no doubt, ‘lively’ discussions about which telly is best.
And when you fancy taking a break from enjoying the great sounding music and stunning pictures, the show offers breakout areas where you can grab a coffee, relax, thumb through your brochures, and plan your next move. Nourishment – from an on-the-go snack to a sit-down meal – is also on the agenda, so there should be no excuses for not spending the entire day taking advantage of what the show has to offer.

Visitors should also prepare for a few surprises. Many of the products on show will be receiving their debut in the UK, and even global, show outings, so you’ll be among the first to lay eyes and ears on the absolute latest technology. You can also prepare to experience some of the world’s finest audio systems, put together by connoisseurs and coming in at six-figure sums. This is a chance for the pros to dazzle and an opportunity for them to demonstrate that everyone can ‘hear the difference’, not just those with ‘golden ears’.

Event Organiser Roy Bird said “The move to Birmingham was a very important decision for us, as this major City has never had such a show before, so in many ways has an untapped market; and with the recent demise of the Gadget Show a real technological vacuum had been left behind for the two main elements of the Audio & AV Show. Also the use of two quite different, but complementary venues, both of high class, has allowed us to provide for pretty well every Exhibitor and Visitor expectation over the two days of the show “

Whether you reckon you have golden ears, or not, the Birmingham show is a golden opportunity for music and movie fans to adhere to the ‘try before you buy’ maxim, and all in the comfort of the luxuriously appointed Hyatt Regency Birmingham hotel and the spacious Birmingham International Convention Centre. Shopping shouldn’t be hard work, so if you want to experience the latest gear in the world of audio and TV, make a day of it and head to the Audio & AV show this September.


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