New study reveals the worst UK regions to survive an apocalypse and it’s bad news for Birmingham 

it's bad news for residents of Birmingham as it's named one of the worst cities for survival.
it’s bad news for residents of Birmingham as it’s named one of the worst cities for survival.

A new study has revealed the best and worst places to survive the apocalypse in the UK. Unfortunately, it’s bad news for residents of Birmingham as it’s named one of the worst cities for survival.

From alien invasions to zombie outbreaks, the thought of an apocalyptic event is always there in the back of our minds, so where is the most dangerous place to seek refuge during the end of the world?

The study, conducted by JeffBet, compared thirteen different metrics across each UK region and compiled them into an index, including population density and the availability of useful survival resources, revealing the UK areas that are the best and worst for surviving an apocalypse.

To evaluate the availability of food and water, the study compared the number of freshwater lakes, supermarkets, and grocery shops, as well as the amount of hunting, fishing, and outdoor supply stores. But survival goes beyond just food and water, which is why the study also compared hardware stores, garages, medical centres, and other valuable amenities to identify where has the most survival supplies. 

It may come as no surprise, but an apocalyptic event would be particularly bad news for Londoners as nine of the top ten worst locations are based in the capital.

On the other end of the scale, claiming the top spot with a commendable score of 74.04 out of a potential 130 points, the Scottish Highlands solidified its position as the prime choice for survival. One of its standout strengths lies in its remarkably low population density, a crucial factor in navigating post-apocalyptic challenges. 

 Furthermore, the region’s breathtaking landscapes offer not just aesthetic appeal but also practical advantages, boasting an abundance of scenic trails and wilderness areas, perfect for foraging and establishing remote shelters away from densely populated areas.

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