Brand New Birmingham Bar To Celebrate Expression

With Covid hanging above the hospitality industry like a deadly curse waiting to strike, it’s encouraging to see that entrepreneurs are still waging a war against it and investing in opening up new venues in our city centre. Here in Birmingham, a brand new bar ‘Portrait’ launches this Friday night in The Arcadian Centre.

The concept behind Portrait is inspired by a pioneering female-protestor from the early 20th Century, Bertha Ryland. In 1914 she was arrested and imprisoned for slashing a painting in the Birmingham Art Gallery, an act of protest against the inhumane treatment of female protestors from that time.

Standing up for the rights of women to be able to vote, and have an equal standing in society, it seems apt that over 100 years later there are many who would say we’re still not there.

So this brings us to Portrait – a celebration of expression, of being who you are and not conforming to the picture-perfect image that contemporary culture places upon us.

The bar, conceptualised by Faber Design, is a riot of bold graphics, neon lighting and luxurious furniture; this is a high-end venue with a truly avant-garde interior. Aimed at the under 30’s crowd, the bar offers are a real party atmosphere.

General Manager Luke Morton says, “we’re very excited to be opening the doors to Portrait and introducing this new brand to the party public.  The plan is to bring a new vibe to Birmingham based round great service and entertainment. I’m so glad that Brummies will be first to enjoy this new experience.”

Situated on the lower ground floor by The Arcadian car park entrance, Portrait has a reduced capacity for 150 people in line with pandemic guidelines.

Jo Kinsella, Arcadian Manager added, This is a great show of confidence in the night-time economy which has been severely affected this year. We’re so glad to see so many venues re-opening after the lockdown and a few new brands popping up in the Arcadian too. We wish them the best of luck.”

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