Birmingham Named The Third Most Sober-friendly City In The UK

Unique 360 wellness coaching programme and alcohol-free community designed specifically for women conducted extensive research to find out exactly where in the UK is the most sober-friendly, and which of the UK’s biggest restaurant or bar chain is the most sober-friendly.

Analysis was carried out into the online drink’s menus of the top 10 bars in each of the UK’s major cities (London, Manchester, Birmingham, Bristol, Leeds and Liverpool).

The research found that Manchester is the most sober-friendly city within the UK, with The Lawn Club offering the biggest selection of alcohol-free drink options; 13% of its drink’s menu offers alcohol-free versions, such as mocktails and 0% alcohol beer.

The full results were as follows:

  1. Manchester – The Lawn Club(13% of the drinks menu is alcohol free)
  2. Liverpool – Revolution De Cuba(10%)
  3. Birmingham – The Botanist(10%)
  4. Leeds – Dirty Martini(9%)
  5. Bristol – The Florist(9%)
  6. London – The Escapologist(6%)

The team also investigated which of the UK’s biggest restaurant and bar chains are the most sober-friendly, based on the number of venues they hold across the UK and a deep analysis of their online drink’s menu.

It was revealed that Turtle Bay came out top, with 44 venues and 29% of the full drink’s menu being alcohol-free. However, household name chain Greene King came out bottom of the pile, with 3,100 venues across the UK but no alcohol-free options being available on their online drink’s menu, followed by All Bar One and Common Room both also offering 0 alcohol-free options on their drink’s menus, but with far less venues.

The most sober-friendly chains were found to be:

  1. Turtle Bay – 44 UK venues – 29% of the menu alcohol free
  2. Beefeater – 186 UK venues – 28% of the menu alcohol free
  3. Slug & Lettuce – 80 UK venues – 26% of the menu alcohol free
  4. Wetherspoons – 925 UK venues – 25% of the menu alcohol free
  5. O’Neills – 37 UK venues – 16% of the menu alcohol free
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