Birmingham Voted Amongst NERDIEST Cities in the UK

Birmingham Voted Amongst NERDIEST Cities in the UK
Birmingham Voted Amongst NERDIEST Cities in the UK

Rant Casino has ranked Birmingham among the top cities for all things nerdy, following closely behind Norwich and Manchester.

These are the nerdy cities you absolutely can’t miss:

RankCityComic Book Stores Per 50kmGame Shops & Cafes Per 50kmComic Con Events (2023-2024)Anime ConventionsScience MuseumsTotal Nerd Score /10
4Newcastle upon Tyne3141127.55
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Embrace your inner geek in the inner UK, as third on the list is Birmingham with a staggering 10 gaming cafes and shops per 50 km, including the popular Netadventure, Sliced N Diced and Chance and Counters

Birmingham is also home to the NEC (National Exhibition Centre) which hosts a wide variety of events. Including MCM Comic Con, UK Games Expo and Collectormania, which includes photoshoots, panels, autograph sessions and hundreds of stalls full of film and TV memorabilia.

Don’t miss the Cosplay Central Stage at MCM Comic Con, which takes place every December. With a host of panels about everything cosplay, from cosplay showcases to getting that perfect cosplay picture. Along with tips to make your cosplay even better, the Cosplay Central stage is a celebration of all aspects of cosplay.

When visiting the midland city of Birmingham, you’ll also never know who or what you’ll bump into, as Birmingham boasts a collection of unique themed bars from Sonic the Hedgehog to Doctor Who, setting you up for a fun night out no matter your fandom of choice.

Birmingham also boasts a total of 2 comic book stores per 50 km for all your nerdy needs. Head to Forbidden Planet for comic books, collectables, and nerdify promised at low prices. What more could you want? We also recommend Worlds Apart, which offers plenty of old school feel mixed with new titles, a local favourite.

Beating out Birmingham on the list, however, was Manchester, which comes as no surprise as it is home to two of the biggest conventions in the UK, hosting MCM, Comic Con and the Play Expo, to name a few. 

With that said, Norwich also came a close second on the ranking of nerdy cities in the UK, boasting a mighty 39 game cafes and shops per 50 km, and a total of 6 comic book stores per 50 km for all your fantasy needs. 

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