Birmingham’s top spelling whizzes sought for unique event spectacular

Birmingham’s top spelling whizzes sought for unique event spectacular

Promising to bring spelling to the masses, the live game show styled night, being held later this month (October) will be combining spelling, nineties and noughties bangers, humiliation and prizes for its up-for-fun contestants.

The event, being held on Wednesday, 24th October at Mama Roux’s in Digbeth – the home of Digbeth Dining Club – will start at 7pm and finish around 11pm.

Spelling Bee competitions are popular throughout the USA and pitt orthographers (those who are obsessed with spelling) against each other to spell a broad selection of words of varying degrees of difficulty.

SPELL BMC will include this as one of the elements to the evening, however it will be mixed with alcohol and much more fun and surprises throughout the night at the New Orleans inspired live music venue.

Benjy Hill, one of the organisers, said: “It is going to be a top night for everyone from students, to groups of friends and obviously those people we were all envious of at school who were able get 10/10 in spelling tests without much revision. But there is going to be a fun twist, plenty of drink on offer, and the chance to socialise and dance with friends.

“Birmingham has so many students and a lot of talented wannabe brainiacs out there who we are sure would love to come along too. Our city is renowned for playing host to some creative events – so this is the perfect way to celebrate and to have a more unusual night out for all. It is a must on any self-respecting university student’s calendar or anyone looking to add a fun yet different twist to their autumn,” he added.

Tickets start from just £5 and are available from: Spell BMC
The event is aimed at those over the age of 18 and for anyone who doesn’t take themselves too seriously.
For more information on the event, follow @spellbmc
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