Brave Dr Nerium’s Spooktacular Scaremaze at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens this Halloween

Brave Dr Nerium’s Spooktacular Scaremaze at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens this Halloween

Xtra Humongous and Birmingham Botanical Gardens are delighted to invite you to the most spooktacular event of the year. The inaugural Birmingham Scare Gardens is a brand new, premium Halloween experience for the West Midlands.

Early in the nineteenth century, Dr. Nerium started carrying out experiments that led to the creation of some weird, wonderful and unique treasures, though some may disagree. It started when the Dr. brought back his first carnivorous flower from the base of the Peruvian Andes. Attempts at cross breeding with other findings led to fantastical creatures that can only be described as ‘unique’.

As time has gone by, these experiments have produced truly terrifying results, some that Dr Nerium has struggled to confine to his world famous laboratory, which has meant they have spread throughout the Gardens!

Though many people have entered his grounds, only few have returned. Over the years we’ve wondered what has happened to the many visitors that have frequented these Gardens and disappeared, but with little success. Maybe you can help us find out what happened?

Remember, beware of the watching eyes, gawp at the Wicker Man cultists and protect your ears from the Lagoon Queen who can lure you to your death with just her voice…

Will you make it out and join the party? We look forward to welcoming you and finding out this Halloween!

Dr. Nerium’s Garden of Ghouls will encompass six installations around the Birmingham Botanical Gardens and will run from Friday 26 October to Sunday 4 November. The live action, spooky scaremaze trail takes visitors through the Birmingham Botanical Gardens, or should we say ‘The Birmingham Scare Gardens’. This will be a fully immersive experience made up by a combination of a theatre group and installation props. It will take you approximately 45 minutes to an hour to walk through.

If you make it out of the scaremaze, you will arrive at our entertainment area, including: street food traders, bars, performers, music and additional circus themed entertainment – there is something for the whole family!

It’s also worth noting that earlier time slots for the scaremaze are suitable for families, but from 7pm onwards the experience gets scarier, suitable for 14+. We recommend you book your time slot as soon as possible to ensure you aren’t disappointed.

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