Connecting Business, Spirituality And Success

Connecting Business, Spirituality And Success

There has been little change in the way estate agents have operated
since the introduction of the internet. But while the day to day running
remains the same, its advertising platform has broadened from the
conventional shop window and newspaper editorials.

Alongside this the negative reputation has lingered, shrouded in years of
mistrust. A change was needed; an innovative approach. Our ethos has
always been that we are part of the community we serve and we stand
by our shared values. Sikhism teaches us to serve humanity as one, with
love and no discrimination.

It was a simple message of peace, and reminder, that ‘love conquers all’
in the face of adversity. The faces and words of Sant Jarnail Singh Ji, and
other brave Sikhs, appeared on screens in prominent cities across the
UK such as Birmingham, London and Edinburgh. A peaceful reminder
of the Sikh genocide of 1984, raising awareness of the lives lost and the
on-going, powerful legacy left behind. Within days, through the power
of social media, Love Your Postcode had reached out across the world;
inspiring the Asian community and beyond.

Love Your Postcode is not corporate yet it’s not an online agent either;
it is a Performance&™ driven brand with global reach. It belongs
to the people it serves. This allows the unconventional style that we
have created to be tailored and individual to those that we assist. It is
understanding the person in front of you, or over the phone, and taking
the time to carefully consider what their requirements are and adapting

So what does this have to do with developing, buying, selling and renting
properties? Our core beliefs link closely to the way in which we operate
and filter through to those we serve.

Love gives the strength to overcome all obstacles. This saying is found
in the works of the ancient Roman poet Virgil. It is a common theme
found and felt by all, and is synonymous with care and kindness. It is
always a great place to start.

Truth forms the cornerstone of our business. Estate agents are often
seen as untrustworthy, but we put forward a fresh approach with
honesty and truthfulness at the core of our values. Truth cannot damage
a cause that is just.

Justice plays a significant part in the way we work. Where others may
not be able to justify their fee, we strive to provide a five-star customer
service led approach. Achieving our sellers required selling price within
21 days*. We can stand boldly by this with our worth and expertise.
Freedom must play a part. With a waiting list of qualified clients looking
to purchase on the confidence of our recommendation, we offer the
freedom to move to a desired postcode, or even country, sooner rather
than later.

Strength portrayed by the soldiers in the images on our screens mimics
our brand, which stands powerful and proud because it respects its
unique identity and pole position in the industry.
We don’t see this as a marketing campaign; this is a movement, which
has allowed us into the hearts and minds of our community around the
world. We don’t have clients anymore, they’ve become fans. They can
see the message is that of open dialogue with a chance to learn from the
past to make a better future.

Our values are shared by all who pass through our doors. We are
inclusive and keen to spread the ideas in every aspect of what we do.
Within a matter of days, we have become the strongest Sikh owned
property brand; shown by the fact that a judge has decided to make
transparent all documentation related to the 1984 genocide. With a
brand based on justice and truth, there can be nothing more humbling
than this.

The industry is changing, there is no place to stagnate and fall by the
wayside. We believe that by using such a strong starting point, as our
values above, there can be only one direction for the brand. With the
support and understanding of our existing and new members, we can
only build in strength and improve further. We are changing the role of
estate agency into something far more meaningful.

Due to this campaign reaching millions of people worldwide, Love Your
Postcode will now be creating a superhero day so if you would like to see
your superhero on our digital screens, please contact our group.

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