With sustainable products and a demand for more environmentally friendly gifts at the forefront of everyone’s mind (credit to David Attendborough) and Christmas a mere ten weeks away (eek) Designer Exchange offers gifts for the eco friendly, yet fashion conscious connoisseurs.

Designer Exchange is a sustainable source of luxury fashion and combines a love for fashion and awareness of environmental issues without compromising the luxury experience. It has revolutionised the preloved luxury industry by consistently offering an unparalleled service within their stores across the UK and online platform, allowing customers to reuse and recycle their designer clothing and accessories.

From the classic Burberry trench coat to Alexander McQueen sunglasses, Designer Exchange offers a wide range of designer clothing and accessories for men and women, all whilst promoting the importance of reusing, recycling and regenerating fashion.   The products are sanitised, dry cleaned and expertly cared for at every step of the process giving you the experience of shopping at a designer store – without the high cost.

With a store in Birmingham, it’s never been easier to shop the designer look for less.

For more information and to view the latest arrivals and winter looks please visit:

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