DON’T GO BREKKIE MY HEART: Want to impress a Brummie? Take them for breakfast!


Love is in the air when it comes to Brummies and breakfast. Research by The British Sandwich and Food to Go Association has shown that people living in Birmingham searched for sausage or bacon sarnies, totalling over 6,000 searches*, more than any other city.

So, if you’re struggling for where to take a Brummie – take them for breakfast!

Across the country we venture out to eat breakfast or consume brekkie on-the-go generating a trade worth more than £2billion each year.

So, when it comes to dating, it’s no surprise that breakfast is becoming a favourable option, especially those who are time-poor with career and child commitments, 8am is becoming the new 8pm.

The association also put together a quick guide which offers up other cities to head for to help romance bloom.

If you’re right at the start, then Liverpool is the hottest place for first dates, with it being the city that boasts the most eateries with ‘romantic’ options.

Those a little further along in the dating game and want to meet the family, Manchester is the best for kids, with 31% offering children’s options, including smaller sandwiches and options without the added extras.

If you want to impress, then Edinburgh is the place to go with over 73% of the places reviewed on TripAdvisor achieving a 4*+ rating or above. If your match is a stickler for hygiene and values Food Standards Agency stars, then Newcastle and Southampton should be top with both having over 50% of the places to grab a sandwich achieving the coveted 5/5.

Courting a vegan? Then Glasgow tops with over 44% having a vast array of vegan filling options. If it’s a vegetarian’s heart you are trying to win, then take a trip over to Belfast with more than 53% of eateries having vegetarian options.

If your date is a coffee-lover, then whisking them off to the capital offers the most quality independent coffee shops than any other British city.

If your potential spouse hails from Birmingham then opting for a breakfast date, over any other time of day will put them in the mood with brummies’ being those that most searched for a sausage or bacon sarnies, totalling over 6,000 searches, according to the latest data from Google Insights.

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