Dig deep into the mind of the consumer with The Fort Theory of Shopping

Dig deep into the mind of the consumer with The Fort Theory of Shopping

The Fort Shopping Park, Birmingham, has commissioned research in order to find out more about the way we shop. Results show that those surveyed would actually rather shop alone, amongst other key insights.

The research findings are being brought to life through the out-of-town retail destination’s new campaign – ‘The Fort Theory of Shopping’ – which aims to inform shoppers on how to get the most out of their shopping trip.

The survey targeting UK adults, who shop at a shopping centre at least once a month, was conducted in order to dig deep into the mind of the consumer. The research shows that how people like to shop, doesn’t always tally up with how people actually do shop.

Do you like to embark on your shopping mission alone and just get the job done? Perhaps you enjoy taking a few pals along and loosening the purse strings? You’re not alone…

The majority would prefer to shop alone but in contrast to preferences are actually more likely to shop with their partner.

  • Female shoppers are more likely to shop alone than male shoppers #IndependentWomen
  • Those who went shopping alone found it more boring, but more productive than any other grouping; it’s all about keeping your eyes on the prize

With reference to shopping with friends the majority would prefer to shop with one friend than with a group –perhaps sometimes it’s a case of too many cooks?

  • Those who shopped with one other shopper spent on average £70
  • Those who shopped with two other shoppers spent on average £84
  • Respondents aged 18-24 are the age group most likely to want to shop with a group of friends, whilst those aged 45-55 are the age group most likely to shop with family

The larger the shopping group, the more money and time they spent… safety in numbers after pay day then?

  • Those who shopped with three other shoppers spent on average £91
  • Those who shopped with four plus other shoppers spent on average £169

In need of a pick me up? Drag a few friends to the shops with you… those who went shopping with three other people found the experience more enjoyable than any other grouping

Based on their last shopping trip the average spend of respondents based in the West Midlands was £75

77% of shoppers stop for food when out shopping –West Midlanders more frequently than Londoners; we like to fuel our shopping trips

Marjan Horne, manager of The Fort said: “As a shopping centre manager I have always found shopping habits and behaviours fascinating. This campaign has revealed some really interesting results which we’re excited to share – I think many of you will resonate with the findings! We’re keen to get the conversation going and find out what our shoppers’ thoughts are on the way that they shop.”

The Fort Shopping Park is located 15 minutes from Birmingham city centre,
offers free parking and includes anchors Next, Boots, River Island and Primark, plus a selection of restaurants such as Nando’s and Frankie and Benny’s. Visit the Fort website at www.thefort.co.uk

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