Get your Valentine’s Day proposal right with Bullring

With arguably the most romantic day of the year just days away millions of people worldwide will be gearing up to ask the big question. With four different stores at Bullring offering hundreds of different engagement rings, the centre has shared some top tips to ensure that you’re clued up on the all-important details.

The Four C’s

You need to keep these in mind when starting your search; the Cut, Colour, Carat and Clarity. The cut or shape of the diamond is important with so many different options including Princess, Round Brilliant and Emerald. The colour of the diamond is based on a scale of D – Z; those graded D are colourless diamonds, which are highly sought after. Carat is the measurement of weight given to the diamond, whilst clarity outlines the number of flaws and imperfections.

Getting the size right

Both Goldsmiths and Ernest Jones offer a ring size guide on their website so that you can measure one of your partner’s rings to find their size. Alternatively, you could ask for some help from their friends or family, or take one of their rings into your chosen jewellery shop. Don’t panic if the final ring doesn’t fit, it’s easily fixable, just take it back to the store you bought it from and they’ll resize it for you.

What do they want?

With so many options it’s good to go ring shopping as prepared as possible. Have they ever given you any suggestions? Do they always stop and stare into the jewellery shop window at a particular style? Make sure you ask friends or family if they know of any particular styles or cuts that they favour, and if you’re still struggling H Samuel offer a simple style quiz on their website that aims to give you an indication as to what style will suit them best.

Bullring – an engagement hotspot?

Over the years Bullring has seen its fair share of engagement with 2014 seemingly a popular year for loved-up couples in Birmingham. In August 2014 Mark Horton proposed to his girlfriend, Emma Harvey, in front of the Bull, whilst a visit from the Coca Cola Christmas Truck in December provided the backdrop for Mike Seggis to pop the question to his partner, Annie Kilworth.

Maggie Foggett, Marketing Manager at Bullring, commented: “The weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day are some of the busiest times for engagement ring sales at the centre with customers getting themselves ready for the big day. Making sure you’ve got the right engagement ring to propose is made so much easier with the experts at each of our jewellery stores at the centre. If you’re planning to propose this Valentine’s Day, good luck!”

See the range of engagement rings available at Bullring by visiting Goldsmiths, Ernest Jones, Leslie Davies and H Samuel.

For more information about Valentine’s Day at Bullring including gift suggestions and special menus please visit

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