Getting ready for the summer sun

Getting ready for the summer sun

The sun is finally here – we weren’t sure this would happen! The weather over the last few months has really been confusing the plants in the Gardens, thanks to the fluctuations in temperature. Some plants are flowering earlier but, most plants have much later this year, for example, the wisterias in the Gardens have been up to a month late!

In addition to our flowering blooms, there has been a lot going on in the Gardens – we even have some exciting news about the Trials Garden; it will be undergoing a big transformation! We will be planting an array of sub-tropical plants, as well as a number of different Salvias, which will go on looking good until the first frosts are forecast. To keep these superb plants strong, we will apply generous amounts of fish blood and bone to the soil. For good measure, we will also be adding and incorporating fertiliser to the bottom of each planting hole.

In the coming months, the indoor team will also be busy looking after our Tropical butterflies in the Butterfly House. Every week, 100 pupae will be placed in the house to keep it full as many species only live for a few weeks. Make sure you bring the family down to enjoy these stunning creatures – but remember, you only have until Sunday 2nd September.

Moving on to jobs for this month, it is definitely the time to think about summer containers – although this should have been done already, it’s not too late. Once planted, you must make sure that your plants are watered regularly and you feed them with a high potash feed every 7 – 10 days.

Bedding plants stay at their best when regularly deadheaded, as this prevents the plants producing seed. If seeds are produced, the plant is less inclined to yield more flowers because the process of creating seeds saps the plants energy, so doing this regularly is vital to prolong the display.

Moreover, make sure you keep on top of grass cutting; if the weather is forecast to be hot, raise the cutting height of your lawn mower. Did you know, grass is more droughts tolerant if it is not cut too short? Even if you just edge the perimeter of your lawns, this can make a big difference in the appearance of your garden.

Until next time, here are our top tips as we move into summer. Make sure you look after your garden and remember, if you have any questions, tweet us at @BhamBotanicalGd

  •    Hoe weeds off regularly.
  •    Plant out summer bedding and tender perennials such as Dahlias and Cannas
  •    Stake tall herbaceous perennials – providing support for them
  •    Collect water from sheds, outbuildings and greenhouse roofs
    with water butts. Rainwater is better for your plants than tap water
  •    Clip evergreen hedges such as box and privet

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