“Hidden Heroes” Campaign Launched with Striking Mural Tribute

"Hidden Heroes" Campaign Launched with Striking Mural Tribute
“Hidden Heroes” Campaign Launched with Striking Mural Tribute

LoveBrum, a charity dedicated to supporting small and volunteer-led projects and causes across Birmingham, is excited to announce the launch of its “Hidden Heroes” campaign, a celebration of the unsung heroes who make a huge impact in the city.

The campaign kicks off with a stunning hand-painted mural depicting Malachi Nunes from Ambitious Lives, a true embodiment of a hidden hero. The mural stands as a beacon of inspiration and a vivid reminder of the extraordinary contributions of Brummies like Malachi who work tirelessly to better the lives of others across Birmingham.

“As someone deeply committed to mentoring and guiding the youth of Birmingham, I am honored to be featured in LoveBrum’s ‘Hidden Heroes’ campaign. This mural isn’t just a portrait of me; it’s a tribute to all the dedicated individuals across our city who work quietly yet passionately to uplift and support our communities.” – Malachi Nunes, Founder of Ambitious Lives

Throughout 2024 Brummies will see more Hidden Heroes championed by LoveBrum across the city – encouraging people across the city to recognise, donate and support the work these amazing causes are doing.

Since 2015 LoveBrum has supported over 200 causes like Ambitious Lives in nearly every Birmingham ward as well as its neighbouring areas, distributing over £200,000 in funds and impacting over 25,000 lives in the process.

“What LoveBrum are doing to support our hidden heroes is absolutely fantastic, and I’m delighted to be able to support their plans. I have no doubt this will make a real difference to the city, and I’m sure Brummies will donate generously to support the Hidden Heroes campaign.” Andy Street – West Midlands Mayor

Produced by specialist street art agency Global Street Art, Brummies can see the Hidden Heroes mural on Digbeth High Street for the duration of the campaign.

For more information about LoveBrum and the “Hidden Heroes” campaign and to find out how to donate and support the please visit www.lovebrum.org.uk

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