Lucarelli in the Mailbox gets the seal of approval from the Italian Honorary Consulate

Italian restaurant Lucarelli welcomed Honorary Consul of the Italian Consulate in Birmingham to officially open their Mailbox restaurant.

With the aftermath of the Euros, it really seem like Italians do it  better!

It’s been an exciting week for Italian restaurant Lucarelli who welcomed Ms Ilaria Di Gioia, Honorary Consul of the Italian Consulate in Birmingham to officially open their Mailbox restaurant.

Ms Di Gioia met General Manager, Allesandro Meraglia and Head Chef Elia Vergnano  to give the consulate’s official seal of approval.

General Manager, Allesandro Meraglia, said, “we’re very honoured to have welcomed the Italian consul at our brand new restaurant. We pride ourselves on being traditionally Italian through and through. Our food, our service, our staff are all authentically Italian and we hope people will come and experience a bit of la dolce vita at the Mailbox. ”

In the short time it has been open, the team have been overwhelmed by the response from the public. With a canalside location, it’s the nearest thing to an Italian Riviera in the Midlands.

Allesandro said, “we only opened in mid April and in the past three months we have been amazed at how much people love Lucarelli.  They love the setting, the food and the ambience. The flower filled terrace makes a beautiful location and we are regularly fully  booked every weekend. Our staff really know how to look after the customers so they always come back for more.”

Dr. Ilaria Di Gioia said “ I always say that the Italian cuisine is the real ambassador of Italy in the world. This is very true for Lucarelli which brings authentic Italian cuisine and hospitality in Birmingham. It has been an honour to inaugurate such a delightful spot of Italy in Birmingham. My warmest welcome and wishes to the staff.

With Freedom Day just around the corner and the end of the Rule of 6, we can now all get together and enjoy dining out together. Fantastico!

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