New LGBTQ+ Podcast Launches Ahead of Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games

Commonwealth Games

‘The Pride House’ will be celebrating the achievements of those representing LGBTQ+ communities in the Commonwealth Games, with their brand new podcast series.

The podcast will be welcoming an abundance of guests including athletes, coaches, officials, event organisers and those working to advance human rights in different parts of the Commonwealth in the run up to the games.

Each episode will also seek to inspire potential volunteers to get involved and encourage participation in sport and physical activity, particularly for LGBTQ+ youth.

Through the sharing of stories and experiences, Pride House Birmingham hopes to rally wider support and allyship for the causes most important to activists and organisations advocating for LGBTQ+ rights; and broaden understanding of the pivotal role that sport plays in breaking down stereotypes about lesbian, gay, bi and trans people, all around the world.

The first episode sets the scene for this summer’s venue by focusing on the success of Pride House Glasgow, the first of its kind to be held during the Commonwealth Games.

Co-organisers Hugh Torrance and Katherine Burrows join host Jon Holmes to discuss what they set out to achieve in 2014 and how the space that they helped to create brought together a diverse mix of people from across the member nations.

Hugh and Katherine also share special memories of the activities they put on in Glasgow and suggest ways to support Pride House Birmingham, which will open its doors and welcome visitors in July 2022.

Meanwhile, episode two of ‘The Pride House Podcast’ – available later this month – will continue to chart the history of Pride House at the Commonwealth Games with a look back at the Gold Coast 2018 venue.

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