Pride, Prejudice and Prism at The Rep

Robert Lindsay returns to the stage in a new play based on the astonishing true story of the man who made Hollywood’s greatest divas beautiful. The star of My Family and Citizen Smith, Robert Lindsay plays double Oscar-winning cinematic master Jack Cardiff in Terry Johnson’s poignant drama, Prism which opens at Birmingham Repertory Theatre from 4 – 12 October.

The play sees Jack Cardiff retired. His days of hard work – and play – on some of the most famous film sets in the world are now long behind him, as are his secret liaisons with some of the most famous women in the world… Surrounded by memorabilia from a lifetime of ‘painting with light’, the writing of an autobiography should be an easy matter – were it not that Jack would now rather live in the past than remember it. Starring alongside Robert Lindsay is Tara Fitzgerald.

Men, money and microphones will be fought over in a new loving and irreverent all-female adaptation of Jane Austen’s unrivalled literary classic, Pride And Prejudice* (*sort of) which also opens at The REP from 15 October- 2 November.

A fantastic adaptation like no other this new retelling of a literary classic draws on over two-hundred years of romantic pop history to deliver a unique take on a beloved novel.

The story is told from the point of view of six young women. These are the women who empty the chamber pots and sweep ash from the grate; the overlooked and the undervalued making sure those above stairs find their happy-ending.

Of course, they’ve always been running the show – after all ‘you can’t have a whirlwind romance without clean bedding’ – but tonight, the servants are also playing every part. Let the ruthless match-making begin!

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