Roll Up, Roll Up…… The Circus 1903 Is In Town At Birmingham Hippodrome

This year. Birmingham Hippodrome is celebration their 120th anniversary and having originally opened as an indoor circus, it seemed fitting that on their anniversary weekend Circus 1903 opened their European tour at the, much loved Birmingham venue.

Having always been a fan of the big top, we went along to catch the show.

There is something particularly magical about the circus, and this circus is no acceptation. The show starts with the curtains open the stage set with high wires and the back drop of the big top. Through the audience, the ring master, David Williamson, walks through popcorn flying through the air. Sitting on the edge of the stage, he calls for some audience participation as a young boy joins him on stage. With a mix of magic and comedy he has the whole audience in fits of laughter as his young assistant grins from ear to ear. Several times throughout the show, various children are invited to the stage, each time he engages each child, their faces alight with wonder.

One thing that really is truly magical is the talent of each and every acrobat. Not to spoil it for you but there is everything from unbelievable balancing acts to a juggler who’s hands move so fast it’s hard to keep up. Their dedication to their craft is evident and there are moments when you are literally holding your breath in anticipation.

No circus would be complete without animals and Circus 1903 brings not one but two magnificent puppet elephants. As they move across the stage, it’s hard to believe that they are puppets, each movement identical to the real thing. The puppeteers are fantastic and you can see the delight on everyone’s face as they cheekily play with water and perform their tricks to become firm favourites with the audience.

Circus 1903 has everything you would want and more. With more oohs and ahs than a firework display, this nostalgic visit too the golden age of circus has you on the edge of your seat. Perfect for the entire family, Circus 1903 is an absolute must see this October half term.

CIRCUS 1903 IS AT until Saturday 2nd November
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