The Sake-based Aperol Spritz inspired by Japan

The Sake-based Aperol Spritz inspired by Japan

Rofuto, the 16th floor restaurant atop the Park Regis hotel, has created an Asian twist on the trendiest drink of the summer – the Aperol Spritz – by combining it with Japanese favourites Sake and Yuzu.

Yuzu, a traditional Japanese citrus fruit similar to a lemon – with a hint of mandarin, is added to the summer drink along with Sake rice wine and peach liqueur. By adding a sweetness to the typically bitter drink, the aptly-named ‘Sakerol Spritz’ is the perfect Sake cocktail for people that don’t like Sake.

Designed to stimulate the appetite and be enjoyed before a meal, this twist on the Italian aperitivo perfectly accompanies Nigiri, as fresh sushi would typically be eaten before hot food.

The Aperol Spritz has taken the country by storm this summer, with bitter cocktails such as the Old Fashioned and Negroni seeing a resurgence, particularly amongst younger audiences.

The Sakerol Spritz is available now and priced at £10.

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