Selfridges Birmingham Launches Sustainable Solutions Store

As part of its recently launched Project Earth initiative, Selfridges Birmingham has opened a new in-store sustainable shopping offering- The Solutions Store. Located on Level 1 (next to chocolate and confectionery), The Solution Store is a hub for purchasing  smart and sustainable – perfect for conscious shoppers.

We have complied some of our favourite products from the store, to provide you with environmentally-friendly solutions for your everyday routines.

This great collection of household products includes travel essentials, reusable storage solutions and some of our best selling items – all of which are 100% sustainable.

Selfridges is committed to pioneering responsible retail and with new design innovations, retail concepts and thought-provoking ideas in sustainability, the Solutions Store is just one of the many positive ways Project Earth will change the way we do business for the better.

LEKUE Reusable flexible silicone lids set of three, £20

Lekue has one thing on its mind – innovation. Well, that and lunch (the label is a major foodie). This reusable lid kit is one of its many sustainable creations; a waste free solution to foil and clingfilm, they can be stretched over cans, bowls and even half-used veggies to keep them fresh for longer and your fridge free from odours.

THE LAUNDRESS Laundry canvas Triple Sorter, £24

Self-styled ”international soap mavens,” Gwen Whiting and Lindsey Boyd created The Laundress to save the planet and our prized fashion pieces, with their eco-friendly line of detergents. Designed to make life easier on laundry day, the Triple Sorter allows you to divide your whites, darks and handwash-only clothes into separate compartments, wihtout any fuss.

ZERO WASTE CLUB Modular aluminium and bamboo dish brush, £25

The Zero Waste Club is our kind of club. Normal, everday items made sustainably: plastic-plastic-free, cruelty-free and built to last. And, as it happens, quite handsome most of the time too. This dish brush has an aluminium handle and a removable bamboo and sisal plant head, meaning you can replace just the bit that wears out.

STTOKE Ceramic reusable cup 340ml, £35

STTOKE appears to have received the memo, creating one of the best-looking reusable mugs on the market – plus, it packs serious power when it comes to keeping those coveted morning lattes warm well past your morning meetings (for up to 3 hours guys.)

SWELL Purple Garnet stainless steel water bottle 500ml, £35

Its screwtop water bottles are the eye-catching re-usable leader in taking hot or cold drinks on the go, maintaining optimum temperature for up to 24 hours. You’ll never need to buy a bottle or coffee again.

Phox Water Filter Plus Clean Filter pack, £40

The label’s filter is refillable, meaning that you can stop throwing the old one away after its 30-day life and start reducing your carbon footprint. Simply top up the container with the new granules to keep enjoying the fresh taste.

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