Selfridges Invites Its Customers To Discover Their “Super Self”

Selfridges’ creative theme for 2022 is Super Futures, an exploration of tomorrow in the making and an invitation to co-create the future.

Super Futures begins with Super Self, which launched in February. With inner well-being as its starting point, the project will offer an unexpected journey of self-discovery for visitors to both physical and digital stores, from a mindset of personal innovation, self-care, positivity and counter-cliche ways to feel good; as Selfridges’ coins the term “feel-goodness”.

Super Self activations include the Selfridges Birmingham Feel Good Music Series, featuring a string of local talent treating customers to uplifting music that makes listeners ‘feel good’.

Visitors can also take ‘A Safe Trip’ by entering the sensory pods by Sensiks in Selfridges Birmingham. The pods offer a unique solution designed to make people feel good, via a new form of digital self-care and integrated multi-sensory experience.

Selfridges careful product curation will promote a future-ready mindset, from lifestyle and beauty solutions, throughout 2022 and beyond (because feelgood-ness is not just for January).

“We are excited for customers to experience SUPERSELF, the first part of our creative theme for 2022, SUPERFUTURES. It is all about exploring ways to help our customers ‘live brighter; from feeling good to living more sustainably. We’re reconsidering retail therapy, connecting our customers with self-development therapy and coaching sessions. We’re experimenting with mood-boosting pods in the form of ‘techno-delic’ head-trips with Sensiks. And we’re bringing to the fore the myriad ways Selfridges can help you become your SUPERSELF – through fitness, sustainability, beauty, food, creativity and more.” Emma Kidd, Selfridges acting Creative Director.

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